investment process

Investment Process

  • Uniquest follows a well – defined, focused and structured process of identifying, evaluating and approving investment opportunities.
  • A 3-tierinvestment process culminating at the Investment Committee ensures that a balanced and informed view is taken on investment decisions. The process ensures optimal utilization of resources and helps in communicating clearly with internal and external stakeholders.
  • At the outset, while sourcing deals, the Screening Committee of Uniquest evaluates if the opportunity fits within the investment mandate and is in line with the investment objectives. The mandate in this stage is to identify key risks, and assess the strategic fit of the investment.
  • Subsequently the Investments Team carries out a preliminary due diligence which is supported by a select group of consultants and industry experts who assist in evaluating the investment. Successful opportunities are presented to the Development Committee of Uniquest.A consent of the Development Committee is necessary to commence the detailed due diligence and take next steps towards finalization of the transaction.
  • At the detailed due diligence stage the Investments Team, supported by in-house experts and external consultants conducts a thorough due diligence to examine various technical, financial, legal, operational, regulatory and tax matters. During this stage, the risks underlying the investment are comprehensively analysed. Investment proposals are then presented to the Investment Committee, which is empowered to make investment decisions.


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Board of Directors

Zaiviji Ismail is the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Uniquest. He is an alumnus of the Cranfield Institute...